The Haruspex

by Gomorrah

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black_metal_mini thumbnail
black_metal_mini There is an aura of evil from the guitar tone that I have not heard in this particular style of music before. It elevates The Haruspex above the rest. Favorite track: Carcosa.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator The brutalz is strong with this one.

Well done. Favorite track: Dismantling the Throne.
Dr. Wvrm
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Dr. Wvrm God this is so good. My neck is sufficiently broken listening to this. Favorite track: Carcosa.
Angry Metal Guy
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Angry Metal Guy These thirty minutes of spine crushing metal push all the right buttons for me: brutal, infectious, and concise. Favorite track: Cerulean.
Camryn Marquez
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Camryn Marquez Finally, some technical stuff that the average person can relate to on an emotional level. These guys understand how to make technicality appealing to your heart as well as your brain.
Diogenes of J
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Diogenes of J wow, this is really well written stuff. memorable & heavy!
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Gomorrah's second full-length release.
Test Your Metal Records 2016.


released January 15, 2016

Mixing - Stuart McKillop of Rain City Recorders (Vancouver, BC)
Mastering - Brad Boatright of Audiosiege (Portland, OR)
Engineering - Bowen Matheson
Produced by Gomorrah

Gomorrah is Jeff Bryan and Bowen Matheson

Album Artwork - Kevin Ellis Moore
Cover Model - Elizabeth Moore
Makeup Artist - Tovey Demman



all rights reserved


Gomorrah Kelowna, British Columbia

Gommorah is a death metal band from the Okanagan Valley.

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Track Name: Nine Kings of Sulphur
Nine Kings of Sulphur

Bathed in burning kerosene,
lay out the flesh to feed the flies.
Ligament and fractures beneath extravasated skin.
Straw and stick, bound in flesh, the sacred masks of wicked hid.
The circles centre,
transfixed this holy axis of the wheel.

He, the haruspex, dividing prophecy.
Among the twisted nails that drip with death the innards forfeit sight.
The moon sits above the lost Moriahan peaks,
before the dawn runs the shadows west.

The wretched vile temptress flashing blade and breast.
The sacrifice lashed with sinew of the elder ones.
Cursing the sky from which their father has fallen.
The shadows swallow them whole.

And bring the nine Kings.

Portals and gateways unknown.
Manifest - eternal.
Perched as vultures to the trees.
The stench of sulphur.

Chant forbidden dialects, the writings of the Gods.
Scrawling symbols, candles lit.
The moon piercing the fog.
A black mass to conjure forth the fallen ones.
Carnage forming the once written letters.
Track Name: Carcosa

Along the shore the cloud waves break,
the twin suns paint blood red the sky.
Strange is the night where black stars rise
the waxen moons of Ixthil.
The shadows lengthen, but tower stranger still.
Our bodies dry and die on long forsaken terra.

We march into the skies.
The strange of dark Carcosa.

The idleness of whipping winds and thirst for flesh behind his grin.
The tattered flags of the pallid King,
the yellow sign - the death it brings.
Days behind that lead us blind,
marching on in single line
to the ends, ravenous,
search the skies for the lost star.

Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
where flap the tatters of the King.
Hastur, Hali, the sirens beckon me
to the shores of mist and death, Aldebaran, the world unseen.

We are lashed and scoured through the rot
blessings and prayers we ne'er sought.
Kindred souls from this time untold,
we march to dim Carcosa.
Leeches of the sacred fold
rituals in white and gold.
The yellow sign and blackened skies
our home of lost Carcosa.

We march into the skies.
The strange of dark Carcosa.
Track Name: Dismantling the Throne
Dismantling the Throne

Fear in handfuls of dust.
Metal bleeds red through the gaping wound in the flesh of this world.

Deepening the fractures in the frailest grips.
Removing the semblance and sanctity of home.
Plant the seeds to harvest.
Reap the suffering.
Dismantling the throne.

The misery of this mirrored fate.
Not all is silent in the halls of the dead.
Cognitive dissonance.
Behold - the sleeper wakes.

The foulest of spectacles to hold.
Grasping at the fraying ends,
brace for the unknown.

The borders of reality defined by synapse, and returned by collapse.
These sleeping giants left to lay as Gods fall from the sky.

The agony of this chiral state.
Not all is silent in the halls of the dead.
Cognitive dissonance.
Behold - the sleeper wakes.
Track Name: Sitra Achra
Sitra Achra

Grieving eyes through blackened veils, the shadow of the Sephirot
gave birth to form eternal web,
woven into the matrix soul.

Bring matter forth.
Giver of form.

Torn from the pages of Enoch,
forth from across the labyrinth called.
Bursting forth from every pore,
the breath of life;
create - destroy.

Now to breathe beyond the ether
and diminish these worlds.
From the realm where death is undone,
drowning in a sea of,
left an eternity of black.

Seeking knowledge wrought from the archives.
Decoding insane communication.
Another withered branch stemmed from the trees of chaos.
Rampantly it runs.
Death and sickness infect the species of men.
A negation of things awry.

A dark and screaming apocalypse
from remnants of a burning sky.
A world where our course is set,
and death is merely brought to life.
Track Name: Crowns of Flesh
Crowns of Flesh

Welcome to the endless hollow,
a black forever.
Drowning the northern sun.
Retching fear, writhing screams.
Unearth the relic.

I bring them forth from endless death
to return this world to them.

Through a scarred occulus they share the sight of twisted claws. Nightmares fall planting seeds inside their minds.
Of chosen ones and first born sons
let filth decay the light.

Bring them forth to me.
Cascade the countless bodies.
Ripped apart by these machines.
Infinite emptiness,
I rule.

Bow, and kneel before me.
Led from the darkest depths.
Flesh and bone to feed my children.
The sights of Sodom wept.

A crown upon a dead man placed by once fictitious ones.
Rending flesh, eviscerate, until the dark outweighs the sun.
Locusts, lust, blasphemies.

Bow to me.

I am the seas, the air that you breath.
Locusts, lust, blasphemy.
I am disease, a reason to pray.
Locusts, lust, tragedy.

The King with crown of flesh.
Salvation does not exist.

Bow, and kneel before me.
Dragged from the darkest depths.
Flesh and bone to feed my children
the sights of Sodom.

I will devour and conquer.
Track Name: Cerulean

Vast and infinite, the ceaseless tidal shift.
Breaking under the weight of a silent ocean's grip.
Polarities, they reverse into nothingness.
Hemispheres reconstruct to build this monolith.

Thou, belong to the leagues.
To lust for the depths where no light can poison the sight of this fathomed death.

Immured by the blackest tempests weathered dismal grip.
Washed upon abandoned gates and sunken city steps.

Death, lay us down.

The ghostly sway, the half life dance of this forgotten flesh.
Inside the oceanic graves of Cerulean.

Now, behold the end.
The salt wash them skeleton clean
in this pitch aphotic.
Now, we bring forth the end.
Baptised in death, beneath the oceans of Lethe.
Track Name: Venom and Rapture
Venom and Rapture

The venom and rapture of the earth.
There is great danger here.
From the red throat of the abattoir
the true depths of madness come.
The solemn words of absence
and the remnants of the past
coalesce into the bleak reality that lays before us all.
The gates ripped asunder,
unleashing the wrath contained.

The claret rain, brushed red by the hands of your maker.

The rite. Forever.
Immaculate defamation of self.
Let us come together in immolation.

Coaxed into the shelter of reality. The pride before the fall,
The weight of this rejection
crushing us one and all.
Track Name: The Mark of Veritas
The Mark of Veritas

Born from wretched soil he burst forth from the earth,
a black and faithless mask which hid the death.
Crowned with buried screams,
twisting through inky black and sinister
that could not be born of this world.
Waxen and ornate,
cling to the moon of woe.

He stands centurion at the gateway to another abyss.
A child of death to die in black.
A nightmare born.
Where flesh and soul divide,
where agony and torment are King.
The trees of woe, spun and knotted symmetry.

His brimming tears reflect the dreams of the gallows.
To bear the mark of Veritas.

Letting loose the life from shallow tepid withered veins seems such a feeble waste of crimson spray.
For his irreverence and blasphemy they carve the symbols of their lord into his ribcage.

Blessed be the ones who behold the sun.
Monuments and foundations.
That pain became thy art to rend the sky apart.
Forget not the face of your Father.